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Staying Motivated is Hard

Everyone says that you need to stay motivated. Sometimes it is so hard and you fall back to your bad habits. There are tons of motivational videos and phrases. There is a myth that if you do something for 21 days you will continue doing it. I have tried everything. I tried the 21 day rule and I stuck to going to the gym at 5:30 am for 6 months. After 6 months I could hardly wake up. I tried waking up early and I was productive during the day and I got a lot accomplished but life came in the way, I got sick and stopped getting up early. I tried watching motivational videos in the morning and I just did it for one week. I created a vision board and looked at it every day but the motivation is no longer there. I write my goals every month and review them every week and still no motivation. I write to do lists and don’t complete everything often. I have read tons of books on different topics, like motivation, procrastination, how to be rich, habits, brain and many others and I still feel stuck. I am not where I want to be financially, emotionally and relationship wise. Maybe I am too hard on myself and just need to enjoy the ride to become who I want to be.

What am I doing differently to overcome procrastination?

1. I am grateful for what I have: So many people don’t have what I have. I surely had to work very hard; however I am grateful for the great life I am living and the people that surround me. I do want more but I appreciate what I have now.

2. I look back and see how far I have come: 10 years ago, I only had savings, was unemployed with 2 suitcases that I owned. Now I have multiple properties, a beautiful home, a career and I am financially stable.

3. I incorporate things in my daily living: Since I want to lose weight, my outings include activities like dancing, hiking, biking, long walks and just being active. I incorporate being active when I go out hence burning calories consequently.

4. Writing my goals and adjusting them accordingly: You won’t always achieve every single goal but you can review, adjust and keep going.

5. Having a support group that motivates me: When you have people that are constantly checking if you’ve finished the project you were working on or what you are working on at the moment is essential. You must have something going on so that you don’t let them down and feel proud of yourself.

At the end, think about your end goal. My end goal is being free with my time. I want to live comfortably. I want to be on the other side of the world traveling and being able to work remotely while enjoying my life. Working on one’s own terms is more realistic when you have your own business. That is my end goal: Having a sustainable business that will allow me to be free. I do not want to stop working I just want to work whenever I want to. Meanwhile I keep working hard creating different streams of income trying to reach my end goal. What is your motivation or end goal?

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