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Is fear hindering our Goals?

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

We are afraid of so many things. That unpleasant emotion called fear can stop us from achieving greatness. Nobody wants to feel pain. I work in a hospital and our main goal is to address everyone’s pain. We all know consciously or unconsciously that at some point in our life we are going to be in pain. If you have major surgery you will feel pain. If they dump you, you will be in pain, if someone hurts your feelings it will be painful. We need to dominate certain things in our lives. These include fear and pain. We live with a lot of what ifs or we put things on the ‘someday’ aisle. We need to stop being afraid of other people’s reactions and just start doing.

I remember when I was buying my first rental property. I was afraid and it showed on my face. I remember my realtor told me that everything will be fine and not to worry and believe it or not, everything was fine in the end. I was afraid for no reason. When I bought the second one, I was more at ease, then the third one came and it was easier. There is always a little bit of fear in every decision I make regarding real estate. I just take it as a learning experience.

Facing problems makes me feel less afraid. I realized that almost every problem has a solution. The more problems I was faced with the more creative I got to resolve them. When I was in graduate school, I didn’t want to stop working but I had to do an internship during the day. The counselor said that it was not possible to get evenings internships. I enrolled in another school that allowed evening internships and I continued working for a year while in school. I was persistent. At the end of the day, many schools are a business and some of them will do everything they can to accommodate you. I am glad all that happened because I liked the school, and it had much more to offer than the previous one.

Have you ever heard that scare money doesn’t make money? Many people don’t want to risk what they have, however sometimes when you risk a lot, the better the results you get. Sometimes you will lose, so always have a recovery plan. There is always a little bit of doubt in our minds, don’t let that stop you. Instead of staying in a state of fear, take action. Without action you will never learn if it was possible.

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