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I was called a man again yet I am a women

Yesterday, again, I was told that I act like a dude. Well if acting like a dude or a man took me this far, everyone can call me a man. By no means had I looked like a man or a tomb boy. I am feminine, have curves and I consider myself very beautiful. I have been called a man because I can change a tire faster than any guy. I had to teach my boyfriend how to change a tire and use a lift, and how to check the oil in a car. I was called a man because I can do basic electrical repairs, install a light fixture, electric outlets and install a water heater. I can do yard work and have no shame. I carried my air conditioner and installed it in my apartment by myself. When I cleaned up some houses I was rehabbing the guys said that they’ll ask their boss to hire me because I worked more than them (men).

So many people have told me that I work like a man because of all the hours I work weekly. If I was a man, they’d say I am hardworking. My friends say that I act like a man because I am strong and don’t play the victim role. My female friends say we don’t have the same opportunities because we are female or because of our skin color. I’d never say that. I am very practical when it comes to many things in life. I don’t like make up, I hate going to the nail salon and even cut my own hair. I am just simple. I dress appropriately and don’t enjoy wearing heels. I just want comfortable shoes. One time, I went to carry out an eviction and the judge asked me twice if I was the landlord. I can only assume that most landlords are men and she was not used to seeing a beautiful, young female as a landlord. When I went to my first date with my partner, I ordered a rack of ribs, French fries, corn bread and a beer. I ate everything and he loved me for that reason. I am just myself and don’t have the intention of being more girly.

I am not one of those feminists that want equality in everything. I am independent but if a man does not pay for my meal on a date, he will not see me again. I want to be spoiled and pampered and sometimes, I want somebody who can tell me “I got this honey.” I love to be cared for and feel safe when in somebody’s arms. I will spoil and pamper a man as well. I have found somebody who is with me in good and bad times. I let my guard down sometimes. He prefers to help me before he helps himself. That is not common so I take it and run away with it. There is a lot of growth when it comes to relationships and that takes time, commitment and sometimes therapy. I really don’t care what others think or say about me. I am just reaching for my goals and if acting like a guy will help, then so be it.

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