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I'm Raquel and I can help you with therapy regarding psychosocial stressors or coach you regarding financial management.

Psychotherapy or money management, I am here to help you!

Get To Know Me

I'm a Financial Social Worker Coach.

After 5 years as a social worker I have notice how financial and emotional stress are intertwined. After being successful myself with real estate, my own finances and some investments, I'm ready to help you manage psychosocial stressor regarding your finances. As a License Clinical Social Worker I can help you to manage life stressors. 

How I Can Help You

1:1 Financial Coaching 

As a Financial Social Worker I will integrate financial and psychosocial aspects of counseling and will address problems in comprehensive ways. 

1:1 Psychotherapy

If you need help with with depression, anxiety, family conflict, relationship issues and life transitions, online therapy is a convenient way to receive therapy. 

Psychologist Session
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